For the next three months, the UN has requested $95 million to assist Palestinians.

Following 11 days of aggression by Israel, the United Nations called on Thursday for $95 million to assist Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, over the next three months.

For the next three months, the UN has requested $95 million to assist Palestinians.

Lynn Hastings, the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for the Palestinian Territories, stated that the UN was now assessing emergency humanitarian needs before determining long-term damage and how much money will be required for reconstruction.

She stated that the Thursday appeal was initiated to meet "very immediate needs" such as food, health, medicine, medical supplies, fast infrastructure repairs, and cash help. In addition to the appeal, the UN has already provided $22.5 million from other sources to assist in meeting demands.

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Separately, Qatar has offered $500 million to help reconstruct Gaza, while the US has offered an extra $75 million in development and economic aid to the Palestinians in 2021, as well as $5.5 million in urgent disaster relief for Gaza and $32 million to the United Nations Palestinian humanitarian organisation stationed there.

Reconstruction expenses in Gaza are estimated to be in the tens of millions of dollars, according to Palestinian officials, where 248 Palestinians were killed during the 11-day conflict. During the confrontations, 13 persons were killed in Israel by rocket fire and a guided missile attack, according to medics.

On Friday, a cease-fire was declared.

“Maintaining predictable access for products and personnel entering and exiting Gaza will be crucial to ensuring a way forward in Gaza,” Hastings told reporters on Thursday.

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