The British Council is allowed by the government to hold special O Level exams

ISLAMABAD: Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood announced on Thursday that the government has granted the British Council permission to hold special O Level exams across the country, according to News.

The British Council is allowed by the government to hold special O Level exams.

The federal education minister said on Twitter that the British Council will hold extra O Level exams from July 26 to August 6.

“Today, we awarded a NOC to the British Council, allowing it to hold extraordinary O level exams from July 26 to August 6,” the minister tweeted.

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Shafqat Mahmood went on to say that the "change will enable O level students to begin A level or FA/Fsc in September."

“This type of exam in July is unprecedented, and I am grateful to Cambridge for organising it,” he added.

In another tweet, the education minister stated that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused enormous challenges in all aspects of life, particularly schooling.

“We have made difficult decisions to assure the continuation of education/learning. Every decision has advantages and disadvantages, but the interest/welfare of students is always important for us,” the ministry tweeted.

It should be noted that the federal government said on May 24 that all classes would be subjected to examinations, and that no student would be advanced to the next class unless examinations were completed this year.

The decision was made during the Inter-Provincial Education Ministers Conference (IPEMC), which was attended by all provincial education ministers.

The meeting resolved that Board exams would begin after June 20.

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