How do you start a paper envelope business in 2021?

An envelope is any product made from paper, or any other flexible and plain material like cardboard, that is used to package the item in a certain way. It's used to package similar items such as papers, letters, and greeting cards. It can be a lucrative business if you sell and make different types of envelopes. This is how it works.

How do you start a paper envelope business in 2021?

Business Registration for Envelope Making Business

  • It is essential to register any type of business, no matter how big or small. This is As your own company, you can also start an envelope-making business. You will need to register your company as a One-Person Company.
  • If you are a partner in the business, you must register as LLP, Private Limited, or Limited Company.
  • You will also need to apply for a local trade license. You can also apply for VAT registration.
  • A small-scale unit is not required to be approved by the pollution board. However, if you plan to establish a business by installing a machine in your home, it is important to obtain its permission.

Different types of envelopes

There are many types of envelopes, varying in size and shape. This is how mangoes can help you learn more about it.

  • Sada envelope, or regular envelope: These envelopes are made of plain paper and used to package letters or papers. This type of envelope is officially used, according to U. It measures approximately 6" x 8". This is the standard size.
  • Cataloged envelopes:  These envelopes are used for marketing purposes or to allow for written reading. These envelopes are usually available in three sizes: 6"*9", 9'*12", and 10"*13". These envelopes are mainly used for commercial and business purposes.
  • Booklet Envelopes: These envelopes are 9"*12" in size and can be used to package booklets or printed articles. They are also used for commercial purposes, where the flap is. Part Happens on one side. These envelopes are also available in other sizes, such as 6"*9", and 10"*13".
  • Invitation Envelopes - The size of these envelopes is determined by the size of the paper inside. People can enter paper size like A2, A6, A7, A8, A9. These envelopes can be customized with different designs and colors. These envelopes can be used to invite guests for many occasions, such as birthdays, weddings and receptions. Different designs can be added to these envelopes to make them more attractive. To invite people to a program organized by the organization, you can print the information on the envelope.
  • Money Sender Envelopes - There are two sizes available: 3.625"*6.5" and 3.125'*6.25". The open side is the largest part of the envelope. These envelopes can be used for personal purposes, but they also serve to store gift money that is often given at weddings, receptions, or other events.

You can open any type of business in envelope manufacturing. If you are looking to expand your business, you can make all types of envelopes.

Raw Materials for Envelope Making

Paper is the main raw material for making envelopes. You can use a variety of quality papers to make envelopes. These include map litho, scrap, and sometimes waste paper. The average weight of envelopes is 70gsm. You can also buy special gsm paper to make the envelopes. You will need to buy other ingredients, such as gum or gum.


The machine you choose will depend on your production and business needs. There are many types of machines on the market, each with its own specifications. Envelopes can be made from different designs. Fully automatic machines can be purchased for around Rs 1,50,000-2,00,000. Semi-automatic machines are available for around Rs 70,000.

Envelope Making Process with Machine

It is easy to make envelopes using a machine. You will get a good result. This is how it works:

  • First, cut the paper into the required sizes. Decide the size of the envelopes that you wish to make.
  • Depending on the thickness of your paper, you can then put the cut papers into the envelope maker in blocks of 150-200 sheets. You can print any design on both the sides of this sheet if you wish. This machine will fold the sheet into an envelope-like shape. You can then glue it on.
  • It is ready to go. It will dry for a bit before it becomes ready.
  • You can then pack the envelopes in bundles and make it available for sale in bulk at any stationery retailer. You can arrange these envelopes to pack in different volumes and sell them.
  • You may need to use a variety decorative items such as buttons, colored threads, beads and so forth in order to make fancy envelopes.

You can automate all of these steps by using the same machine. You can also use a different machine. You can also prepare envelopes to start your business.

Envelopes made at home from a home base, without the need for a machine

You don't need a lot of infrastructure if you are starting this business from home. It is easy to start small. You can make envelopes at home, even without a sewing machine.

Requirement Place

You should choose a better location to launch your business. You must designate a space for the envelope manufacturing if you plan to do so from your own home. It will take at least 200 square feet to place it. It is also necessary to have a light connection and a transport facility for the envelope. To start, you will need four times the space.

Investment in the Envelope Making Business

You don't need to invest a lot if you plan on starting your own business. You can invest anywhere from 10,000 to Rs 30,000. If you want to start it by installing the machine then you will need to invest between 2,00,000.000 and 5,00,000.00 rupees. It is possible to start small with your own money. To start it on a larger scale, however, you may apply for a bank loan. You will have to repay the loan you received from the bank.

Prices for Envelopes

Different types of envelopes can have different prices. This is done based on the cost of the envelope. If you make the envelopes out of light paper, you can charge 50 rupees for each bundle. However, if you make them from high quality paper, you can charge 100 to 200 rupees for each bundle. You must also be aware of the pricing and business practices of your competition.

Skills required

To start a business and keep it running smoothly, you don't need to have any specific skills or education. You only need to learn how to make your business more profitable. You will need to know everything about your competitors in the market and how they operate their businesses. How to make profits.

Market Opportunity

Paper envelopes are light and compact, so they don't take up much space. Envelopes made of paper can be easily transported and recycled. They come in different sizes, and can be used for different occasions. Every day, millions of envelopes are used to send greeting cards and official correspondence. It is therefore always in demand. If you are in this situation and you make envelopes to meet the market demand, it could be a benefit for your business.

Sell where? (Where to sell the envelopes)

You have many options to sell different types and styles of envelopes. You can also sell these envelopes can be found at the best-selling retail stationery shops. You can also benefit from the fact that these shops sell these envelopes via online marketplaces.

  • This business can be run even if you have your own ecommerce store.
  • You can also sell your decorated envelopes on craft selling websites.


To be able to keep your business going for a long period of time and make more profits, you need customers who are regular and reliable payers. You can make a good profit by them. Your business must be promoted effectively. To make more profit, you can leverage your network to secure contracts with large clients. This will increase your profit per customer. You will also find wholesale customers because there is always a demand for it.


Every business venture comes with some risk. It doesn't matter if it succeeds or fails, or if it makes a profit. You don't have to be worried about envelopes. They are a product people use every day, so this business is a good investment.

This will allow you to start the business in a small amount and make it your main source of income.