How to Start a Strawberry Farming Business

Strawberries can also be delicious to eat. Many ice creams also contain strawberry flavor. Strawberry fruit is soft and delicious. Although it is native to cold regions, strawberry fruit can be grown in almost any location with the aid of modern technology. Today, strawberry cultivation is a profitable part of farming. This is farming that can be done without or with the help of a poly house. We will show you how to grow strawberries, what it costs and how to make a profit. This article will cover all aspects of strawberry cultivation. We hope this helps you avoid any confusion. Let's find out what Strawberry is and how to grow it.

How to Start a Strawberry Farming Business

Information about strawberries

Before we can understand the cultivation of strawberries, it is important to identify the varieties available and the best variety. There are 600 varieties of strawberry. The species that are primarily used for agriculture are rare. We will be discussing next.

Strawberry varieties

We will be discussing 4 major species of strawberries and how they can be used in your fields. You can grow strawberries in any of these species if you're interested in cultivating them. These are the species you can plant in your garden:


It is a California-grown variety and is one of the earliest fruiting strawberry varieties. It produces very solid fruits that are delicious. These plants live long lives.

Oso Grand

This variety is also grown in California. It produces large fruits, but they don't last very long. This type of strawberry plant can be planted if you need more fruit in a shorter time.


This variety was created in Israel. You can grow it before others, i.e. It is an early cultivar variety. Its aroma and fruit are amazing.


This strawberry plant is a good choice if you are looking for sweet, delicious fruit. These plants are resistant to disease and produce long-lasting fruit. These plants are the most popular in California.

How to Grow Strawberry in India

The majority of strawberry cultivation is in Himachal. Today, technology and time have made it possible to cultivate strawberry in all parts of India. You will need to work hard and take care to grow strawberries. This business could be risky. We will then tell you what it takes to grow strawberries.

Get soil tested

It is best to have the soil in your field tested before you start strawberry cultivation. This will allow us to know if the plants we bring to your field will survive. Contact the soil testers to have the soil in your field tested. Strawberry cultivation requires temperatures between 18 and 30 degrees Celsius.

A soil pH 5.0 to 6.5 is good for strawberry cultivation. If your field passes this test, you can grow strawberries easily. This will double the amount of strawberries you can grow in your field if it has sandy loam soil.

Strawberry cultivation costs and profits

When we look at how much it costs to grow strawberries, it could cost anywhere from three to four lakh rupees per acre. This includes irrigation, pesticides, plant rate, and poly house. It can be grown in just one acre and yields up to 15 lakh rupees.

Where to buy strawberry plants

In India, you will find strawberry plants in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Punjab.

When to Plant Strawberry Plants

Strawberry plants can be planted in your garden from September 10 through October 15. This is the best time to plant strawberry plants.

Before planting strawberries, prepare the field

Preparing our field for strawberry plants is essential before you can plant them in the field.

  • In the first week of September, you should plow the field three times.
  • 75 tonnes of well-rotted cow manure should be used on an acre of land.
  • You can add potash or phosphorous to your soil according to your needs.

Strawberry cultivation beds

  • It should be 25-30 cm above the ground.
  • They should be between 100 and 130 cm in width
  • Between two beds, there should be at least 40-60 cm of space.
  • Drip irrigation devices should not be installed in an unsuitable place.

Strawberry irrigation

You may face problems if you don't properly water your strawberry plants after you have planted them. You should use the right method of irrigation, i.e. In such a manner that 

  • After planting, irrigation should be completed immediately.
  • Keep the moisture in your mind and water should be irrigated from time to time.
  • When the strawberries start to bear their fruits, you can use micro-fountains to water them.
  • Drip irrigation is used to water the fruit when it's ready.

Protect Strawberry Plants From Diseases

Strawberry can be a source of many diseases, such as Leaf blight, leaf rot, leaf flat and powdery mildew are all possible. After correctly identifying the disease, you can spray insecticide according to an agricultural scientist's advice.

Protect strawberry plants from the winter

Strawberry cultivation can be done both without a polyhouse and with a polyhouse. The chances of plants suffering frost are very low if the poly house has been built. If it isn't, you can use plastic low tunnel to protect your plants from frost. This transparent plastic should have a thickness of 100 to 200 microns.

Government's assistance for strawberry cultivation

The Government of India encourages farmers to get into agriculture. You can find information about strawberry cultivation by visiting the state's agriculture department. The government grants grants in almost every state range from 40-60 percent. Contact the Department of Agriculture for more information.

Strawberry fruit picking

The strawberry plant bears fruit for about 6-7 months. One strawberry plant can produce 700-800 grams of fruit per season. Let's now discuss the best way to break them.

  • When the fruit turns completely red, you can pick it.
  • It can snap if you push it too far.
  • You can pick a completely red fruit, but it will not be as good for you if it isn't.
  • Don't pluck fruit together.
  • You should cut the stem that contains fruits. Do not touch it even if you forget.

Strawberry fruit packaging

You should wrap strawberries in plastic plates to preserve them properly. You should make sure that the plates have air holes to allow air to flow through. To regulate the temperature. You should keep strawberries together at a temperature of 5°C one day and 0°C the next day.

Where and how much can strawberries be sold?

Strawberry prices are rising every month. Previously, they were selling at Rs.200 per kg, but it is now selling for Rs.600 per kg. If you're a farmer, you can sell strawberries for as low as Rs.300.

It doesn't matter if you need buyers. As soon as the fruits begin to appear, buyers will also start to come. You can sell the fruits in your local marketplace if buyers don't come. It is very popular and has many health benefits.

Strawberry Cultivation: Risks

While there is always risk in any business venture, the amount of risk involved in strawberry cultivation is dependent on how you plan to do it. The government can help you if you are looking to do low-risk farming. Agriculture department can provide you with insurance, among other things. If you are able to make a profit, you can earn between 12 and 15 lakh rupees if you only invest 3 to 5 lakh rupees.

Strawberry cultivation is a must if you are looking to start a farming business. This article will provide you with information on how to do this farming. You can leave a comment if you have any questions about this farming. We'll answer all your questions as soon as possible.