You throw away any items in your home that have become spoiled. The same stuff can be as valuable as gold for others. You heard it right. Junk from your home can be a source for income. Many people have made huge strides in junk business.

How to start a junk-business

It might seem like you believe that junk food is becoming more popular. However, junk business is still a profitable industry. You won't believe it if we tell you that junk business has made many millionaires and millionaires. Scrap is a lucrative business that is gaining popularity at the moment and many educated people are trying to get into this industry.

How to start a junk-business

What is junk business?

If an object is damaged by wear or other causes that stop it functioning properly, it can be referred to as junk. The object can't be re-used once it is discarded. If you bring something home to use, and it becomes damaged after a while, and you ask the mechanic to repair it, he will tell you that it cannot be repaired. You can call it junk if the item you have become completely unusable. Junk people will collect all the junk items from your home and throw them away. They then sell them at the market. This is known as junk business, or scrap business.

How to do scrap business

  • Junk business is a popular one. They come to your home and pick up the junk.
  • These people gather junk and then sell it at the junk shop. The person with the big junk store collects large amounts of junk and puts them in a truck to sell to larger junk or to a recycling company.
  • You get money back when you dispose of junk in your home. The person who removes junk from your home also gets money. If the person sells the junk, they earn.
  • Then, a trader who owns a large junk shop will sell that junk to a company or a businessman who does business in Kabaddi. He earns.

This ensures that the business's success is not only sustainable but also provides a source of income for its employees.


What is junk?

Not every item taken out of your home is scrap. These items are only some of the items that can be taken from your house and are usable.

Junk is anything that you don't use, such as scrap paper or iron, oil tins, cardboard, coolers, fans, bad laptops, bad smartphones, bad tablets, and aluminum.

He may also purchase other junk depending on the demand. But, let's be honest, iron is the only thing in high demand in junk because companies can recycle them to make new products. Huh.

You will need the following items to start a junk-business

  • You can also start a Kabadd company on a smaller scale if you don't have the funds.
  • We can tell you that you don't need a license to start a scrap business at a small scale. There are many junkyards in India that do small scrap businesses.
  • However, if your goal is to buy junk on a large scale you will need to have a shop, vehicle, and GST number.

Scrap business investment

It all depends on how big your scrap business is. It will take more investment to start a scrap business on a large scale, while it will cost less to do it small scale. Your investment will also depend on whether you own the shop or lease it. If you take this as a guide, it is important to consider the following factors when starting a junk-business:

  • Shop - If you own the shop, you won't have to pay rent. However, if the shop is rented, you will need to pay Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000 per month. Because scrap business requires a large shop, this fare is very high.
  • Additional cost: You might have to spend between two and Rs3,00,000. These include shop furniture, electricity bills, water bills charges, transportation costs, petrol charges for vehicles, and electronic forks to weigh junk.
  • Total Investment: This will give you a total investment of around 5,00,000.

Land for scrap business

There will be a need depending on the size of your junk business. A shop that is 500 to 600 square feet will be required for a large-scale junk business. Smaller shops will require 200 to 300 square foot shops. For a large-scale junk business, you will require a warehouse that is 700 to 1000 square feet. This is because junk can be stored in larger spaces than smaller ones. A go down for a small business will need to range from 300 to 600 square feet.

You should consider a location that has a good transportation system, good lighting, and good water. You should also find out how many junk shops there are and what kind of products they sell or buy. You should open a junk shop near the main road if you can. This will ensure that people see your shop and business.

Junk business registration and license

Once you have collected the funds and made all preparations, you can apply for a license for kabadke business. Once all of the legal steps are completed, your junk business can be launched.

Documents needed for junk business

You don't need to fill out any paperwork to start a kabadka business at a small scale. However, if you want to make it a bigger one, you will need to fill out some paperwork.

  1. Identity Card: Aadhar Card (Voter Card), Pan Card
  2. Address Proof:- Light Bill, Ration Card
  3. Passbook for bank account
  4. your mobile number
  5. gst registration number
  6. 4 passport size photographs
  7. your email id
  8. NOC etc.

Information about recycling centers

You must also sell any junk that you purchase, no matter how large. This is why it is important to find out information about where your business is located, whether or not there is a junk recycling facility nearby, and how far away the center is from your business. This will give you an estimate of the cost of transportation.

Junk transportation: Cars

A four-wheeler is also required to transport the junk purchased to your shop and place it in the godown. You should arrange for at least one four-wheeler. A truck is needed to transport the junk to the recycling center and to haul it away. You can either buy second-hand trucks or hire trucks from the marketplace if you have the funds.

Profit in the junk business

You will need to put a lot into junk business but there will be many benefits. This can help you make millions or even billions of dollars. It is an extremely profitable business.

Risk in Junk business

Let's talk about the risks in this business. This is because the business is always in operation. You are less likely to be harmed if junk is left in homes. This business is very successful during Diwali.

In this way, you can earn lakhs even by starting a small business. And you can become rich.