M.SHOAIB RAMZAN is my name and I am a businessman. After working for SEO for around 1 year, my interest in blogging was rekindled and I created this website.

This blog is based on a business ideas. We started our work in 2020. We assist new entrepreneurs to get into the entrepreneurial field. This blog's main purpose is to help new entrepreneurs understand the business parameters and make it profitable. This blog also aims to make information about new businesses easily accessible to people.

Our site provides all the information necessary to help new businessmen understand the business. Our article covers the following key points:

The business requires certain knowledge and skills.

Registration and licensing

Information on every business need, such as where to buy the machine? What is the cost of this machine? Where can you find the right place to do business? All this information.

  • Business investment
  • Profits from business, i.e. Earnings
  • Business risks
  • Marketing ideas

This website provides such information, along with information about the franchise. The Reuters website has simplified the rules and explained them in plain English. This site also contains information about business ideas for housewives and business ideas related to agriculture, as well as low-cost business ideas.

The site also contains information about loans, subsidies and MSME registration. It also provides information on marketing methods, GST, Udyog Aadhaar registration and other relevant topics.

The site was built using Business Idea. It also features a YouTube channel where you can view all of the information via videos.

This site provides information on business ideas. It is large and has answered many questions about business. Through her blog and channel, I provide solutions to new businessmen's problems.